Azusa Canyon Wool Jersey Pacifica


Azusa Canyon Wool LS Pacifica

The Azusa wool jersey is a simple timeless design that you will enjoy for years to come. Fabric articles are expertly chosen for that unparalleled, insulating-wicking, performance expected from wool fibers. Warm gray heather finish Gives this jersey a classy feel and simple look that can be paired up with any kit or a ride to the pub.

Insulating Brushed Wool.
Traditional 3pocket design
Long Sleeve
Gripper on back hem

The Pacifica line fit is cut-true to size.

Sizing standard



Pictured is the SGRT trail facing the formidable Azusa Canyon. Also know as “The gateway”. Azusa Canyon Road (HWY 39) connects to the complete network of major mountain road systems in the San Gabriel National Monument. Roads such as Glendora Mountain road,  Angeles Crest HWY (HWY2) and Mt. Baldy Road.

At exactly this point in the ride you are faced with whats ahead and serves as a time to contemplate your ride. Lots of climbing, lots of challenges, great adventures, friends for a lifetime.

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