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Catella is a Brand inspired by a diverse California lifestyle. From sandy beaches and chaparral plains, to the snowy mountain peaks, this is home, its  our adventure, it’s where we get lost.

This beautiful and complex place compelled us to innovate and evolve garments for the most discerning cyclist. Our collection is carefully considered and curated
by designers, cyclists, and athletes.

Simply, it’s what we ourselves require.

Behind the Brand

Several years ago while recovering from an illness, I decided that the best way to regain my health and fitness to take up cycling again, a sport that I loved in my youth.

After wearing many cycling kits from different manufacturers, it became surprisingly clear that there were few differences among them. It was the same fabrics, chamois, and flat lock stitching, all mass-produced by the same players in the cycling industry. This prompted the Industrial Designer in me to come up with something better.

As a trained Industrial Designer, I have worked at The North Face and Nike, where I have honed my design skills and had hands-on experience with the latest technologies emerging from the sports apparel industry. I quickly realized that I could make revolutionary changes that would help cyclists perform better on the bike. Thus, we formed Catella on this principal: We could profoundly evolve cycling garments forward using the best materials, design, and craftsmanship.

About Our Technology

Weldedskin allows us to make some of the most sophisticated cycling garments ever created. Instead of point-to-point fabric connection as with stitching, we completely bonded our seams together on a microscopic level. Every pore in the fabric is used to lock the fabric panels to one another making Catella garments incredibly strong. The seams are so thin that our customers claim the garment “disappears” while wearing it. With our weldedskin technology, we have created garments that have seams up to 70% thinner than traditional flatlock seams.


Our garments use only the highest quality fabrics made by Schoeller Textil AG of Switzerland. Schoeller specializes in the development and manufacturing of innovative fabrics and smart textile technologies. We worked closely with Schoeller to create fabric articles specifically for use in cycling. Our compressive Schoeller fabrics have moisture-wicking properties that mimic the functionality of your skin for breathability and heat exchange.

We took it a step further and made all our garments Coldblack certified. Coldblack technology reduces heat build-up and provides reliable protection from the sun’s rays, resulting in noticeably better heat management. It’s definitely a game changer, especially in warm weather.


We use only the high end chamois made by Elastic Interface – the industry standard Italian chamois trusted by the pro peloton. The padding is made with the finest quality materials, all carefully selected to guarantee lasting support, wear resistance, and comfort. As a result, Bicycling Magazine called our bib shorts the “highlight of the kit”.

At Catella, we don’t stitch our chamois in our weldedskin kits. The pad edges are completely bonded flat to the shorts making the entire garment one single unit.

Our Logo

We’ve frequently get asked about our logo, which is a Vizsla – a bred of dogs originating from Hungry. While suffering on a long tough climb, my twin rust brown Vizslas, came to my mind. Vizslas love the outdoors and they are known to be fearless yet are very affectionate and loyal to their owners. These traits exemplify all the qualities a cyclist would want in their cycling apparel. In other words, your gear is your loyal companion.


Our garments are incredibly well made and built to last. We have spent many years perfecting the formula that makes our jerseys and bib shorts extremely reliable and be your go-to kit. This is why we guarantee our kits for 2 years against any manufacturing defects. We kindly ask that you follow the wash and drying instructions. In the unfortunate event of a crash, please email us at and we will generously help with a replacement kit at a deep discount.

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