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Join Catella, Enkantokrew,,  and NoBraques for the inaugural Glendora Mountain Road climbing challenge on Sunday, March 11. We will be meeting at Grizzby’s at 8am for donuts and coffee, then depart for GMR. The challenge is the famous Gate-to-Shack segment (7.8 miles, 2,093 elevation gain, 5.1% grade) only and not the entire climb. This is NOT a race. Similar to a time trial, winners will be decided on fastest time up the mountain and not on the  Decent. We will review Strava times once all riders are done to determine the winners.
There will be prizes provided by Catella, NoBraques,, and Enkanto Krew. A huge thank you to Grizzby’s for their support of this event.
Disclaimer: Cycling can be a dangerous sport and there are inherent risks. All cyclists are responsible for his/her own actions. This is not a race. Please obey all traffic laws.

We first met Samantha Bosco on the Southern California training ride known as Montrose.

This long-standing ride spans 60 miles through the foothills communities, starting in La Canada and ending in Sierra Madre. What started as a casual conversation lead to us sponsoring Sam as a Catella ambassador. With her winning smile combined with her spirit and dedication to the craft of cycling, we immediately knew that we wanted her to represent our brand.  Only later did we find out that she’s an Para Olympic bronze and gold medal winner.  We have decided to collaborate with Sam to create a skin suit that can help fund her athletic endeavors.

Samantha Bosco was six years old when she first got on a bike, racing against her father on her way to school and back.  She purchased her first mountain bike at nine and joined the Arctic Bicycle Club, dreaming of becoming a professional mountain bike racer. Sam was born with a bowed tibia in her right leg and had that part of her leg removed as a young child. The resulting leg length discrepancy didn’t stop her from running or mountain biking. When she was eleven, she had a limb-lengthening surgery go awry that left her with years of crutches, atrophied muscles and a surgically stunted left leg.

She purchased her first mountain bike at nine and joined the Arctic Bicycle Club.

After racing against able-bodied competitors in regional races, Sam traveled to South Carolina with her mother to be classified in para-cycling. She raced at the 2013 Para-cycling Open and won the women’s C5 road race. In 2015, she was in a car accident that left her with a concussion, putting a pause on her training. She was cleared three weeks prior to the road world championships and trained harder than ever to make a comeback. Sam secured a spot on her first Paralympic Team in 2016, and subsequently taking two bronze medals in the Rio Paralypmic Games.

Sammiecranks speed suit and jersey

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 CAT1 race team.

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Catella Centric Elite Race Team

Catella Centric Elite Race Team at CBR race in Dominguez Hills CA




This happened a while back near a couple central California roads. There was a recent rainstorm the previous week that turned everything an emerald green color. California Poppys, Wild Mustard, and Lavender blanketed the hills. But the dirt was what we where there for. 80+ miles of fine brown powder and gravel…


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