Catella is a new breed of cycling gear 


Several years ago when recovering from an illness I decided to regain my health and picked up a new bike. When looking for a kit it was surprisingly clear that there were few differences between manufacturers. Same fabrics, same chamois, same flat lock stitching. In my experience as an Industrial Designer for companies such as The North Face, Nike and others, I have witnessed many new technologies emerging from the outdoor industry. I quickly realized that I could make revolutionary changes that would help me and other cyclists perform better on the bike. We formed Catella on the basis that we could profoundly change cycling garments for the better and that our clothing would be created by cyclists for cyclists.

Weldedskin allows Catella to make some of the most sophisticated garments ever created for cycling. Instead of point to point fabric connection as with stitching, we completely bonded our seams to each other on a microscopic level. Every pore in the fabric is used to lock the garment together making Catella garments incredibly strong! The seam become so thin that our customers claim they don’t feel the garment at all.

_Using our weldedskin technology we have created garments that are 70% thinner than a traditional flatlock stitched seams.
_Our compressive Schoeller fabrics don’t evaporate sweat as soon as it’s produced. We use quick absorbing-slow dry fabrics that use your sweat mimicking the function of your skin to lessen dehydration and exchange heat.
_Our kits are treated with coldblack technology that reflects UV light 50+ and keeps you an average of 10 degrees cooler than other black fabrics.

Our logo

We frequently get asked about our logo. Modeled after our loyal mascots. Twin rust brown Vizslas. On a long climb my dogs came to mind and I thought right there and then, your gear is your loyal companion.


Our kits are incredibly well made. We have spent many years perfecting the formula that makes our kits extremely strong. The attention to detail is an exquisite. This is why we guarantee our kits for 2years against any manufactured defects. We kindly ask that you follow the wash instructions and don’t expose to heat. This will become your go to kit. In case of crash please email us and we will generously help with a replacement kit at fair discount.

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4771 Westside dr La Verne, CA 91750

Premium weldedskin cycling gear. Completely flat seams no stitching. Incredible comfort premium fabrics.

Brand Manifesto

We are a small band of cyclists living in California making the gear we would want for ourselves.

Our Story So Far

Gear heads and artists. We love riding and finding the heart of this state, one town/bike lane at a time. Based in the Los Angeles area we draw inspiraton from the Architecture and culture that is as varied as the Californian landscape itself. We had to create something completely new and unique.

Our Mission and Approach

Life is a ride, keep pedaling.