You can't find new roads if you don't get lost...

Catella, a sense of place

California, from the hairpin mountain roads to its chaparral plains, Catella has built a kit as diverse as the California landscape and as rich as its culture.
We realized from the beginning that we had to make something completely different and unique.
California, named after a 1510 Spanish novel that describes Califia, a mythical island paradise.
Every kit Has A Place

The Higland Short


Finally a cycling specific pair of shorts that will move with you on your bike!
 No Matter where you choose to get lost, these shorts will keep you looking your best.
Completely welded


Montrose Jersey


We built something that can only be described as art.
Completely bonded seams are paper thin and incredibly comfortable.


We carefully select all of our fabrics and components to make
the best cycling products possible.
foto copertina 001

overlay_first_imgSeamless Integration. Seriously no stitching!

Elastic interface pads are standard on all our shorts.
In addition we decided to do something revolutionary.
We bonded our pads to our shorts. NO STITCHING ON OUR PADS! The result is something to be witnessed.
Catella kits are coldblack® treated

Sun Reflector UV Protector

Weldedskin provides the greatest comfort by creating seams that are up to 75% thinner that traditional stitching. Incredibly strong!

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Get lost and join us on our journey!