Tour of California 2018

Tour Of California Stage 2

Up on Gibraltar road halfway up the 4k foot climb the party is raging! Soon enough team vehicles show up and the crowd goes wild. Sagan climbs past the crowd along with the rest of the peloton to cheering fans waving cowbells and chasing cyclists with giant inflatable cookies? Even the Peloton itself got in the action. This is how it happened!

Grab the kit!

Cycling on Gibraltar road in Santa Barbara, California following the second stage of the Tour Of California. 90 miles in and the peloton is hit by this brutal climb up to the summit finish 4k feet above. We gather at a local coffee house in the center of downtown Santa Barbara with anticipation of the climb ahead. The group makes its way up to Gibraltar road past the Santa Barbara mission and gardens. The climb starts to ascend and the vegetation turns to sagebrush as the carefully manicured home gardens fade away. The road narrows and soon a rock wall appear to the left and a precipitous drop on the right. A stream of cyclists stream past the roadblock and up we go.

The view of the downtown area becomes complete as you are now about 1000 feet and the ocean is fully visible. It’s a clear day and the Channel Islands past the harbor are outlined by the blue sky and sunshine above. Reaching 2k feet and there is a party brewing at Phil Gaimons cookie corner. Phil Gaimon himself was greeting passing cyclists with cookies. There are a couple of sponsored stations with a DJ blasting music and lots of giveaways. A large TV screen is covering the race live. A crowd is gathering and taking up their positions awaiting the peloton to pass. Not long now as the helicopter hovers closer and the crowd erupts into a massive sustained cheer. Support Vehicles arrive first followed by the peloton. The crowd is wild with excitement. All the screaming, cowbells, sirens could not be ignored as the professional cyclists let down their guard and where all smiles.

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